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What must you remember while installing composite decking in Melbourne

Composite decks are a safe, sustainable, and excellent alternative to wood timbers. These decks are artificial products made of wood fiber and thermoplastics. This means that they won’t just enhance the beauty of your outdoor space; they will also protect against all harsh environmental conditions at a much lower cost than wooden timbers. 

However, just like timber, composite decking in Melbourne is also installed similarly. However, the properties of composite decks differ from those of timber. Composite decks expand and contract at rates different from timber. And for this reason, they are slightly less than a perfect fit. During installation, certain gaps remain between the decks.

But, installing the composite decks is something that you will enjoy. Installing these decks will let you have fun and allow you to gossip with your family and guests in the garden. However, you should have some proper planning and preparation to get this going. 

Plan to get the desired composite deck.

If you want to have the best composite deck installed at your house, you should ask yourself a few questions. They are as follows.

  • What kind of deck do you need?
  • Where will you install the deck?
  • What is the layout of the deck?
  • What type of composite materials are required to create an ideal deck?

If you can ask yourself all these questions and get an answer, then you can also get the proper composite deck for your outdoor space.

Ensure that there are proper clearances for the deck.

You should ensure proper clearance for the deck that allows ventilation beneath. The conditions differ entirely depending on the area where you are installing. If it is over paved concrete surfaces, it might vary from installing them over grassy areas.

Select a decking board that will support your goals.

Since there are different composite decking options, you need to select the right attachments to complement them. Also, you should consider the expectations or the things that you wish to achieve with that deck.

Exposure to the sun

The challenge of a deck increases when there is a hotter climate. You have to incur the additional cost of cooling the house when there is extra heat. The wooden decks are much cooler than cement because they are more absorbent and transfer heat slowly compared to others. However, one disadvantage is that walking over these decks becomes a difficult choice. You can contact the best composite decking supplier in Melbourne and get a deck of your choice.

What errors should you avoid while installing the decks?

There are some blunders that the installers make while installing the decks. Therefore, you should always avoid them during installation.

Building an unstable deck structure

The construction and design of the deck enormously depend on the deck’s framing. If you keep the framing flimsy, your deck will easily get damaged. Also, the outcome can be the same if the picture frame board is not attached correctly. Therefore, installing the deck appropriately is crucial for this purpose.

Using invisible screws for installation

You might be surprised by the undetectable skews that prick your feet while walking over them. And for this purpose, you will require the assistance of an expert installer. You can use powder-coated screws by matching them with the color of the deck. 

Inadequate ventilation

Even though composite decks have excellent waterproofing properties, prolonged exposure to moisture can dull the deck’s surface. Additionally, mildew and mold are encouraged to grow on composite decking. Therefore, a minimal clearance gap should be maintained. It ensures proper ventilation.


Composite decking is the best option. They have lower maintenance costs. It can also give you timber’s durability without spending extra bucks. Also, you won’t have to spend much on its maintenance. So, if you are looking for an affordable decking supplier Melbourne, then we are here to help you out. We are the best manufacturers and suppliers of composite decks at cheaper prices.

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