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What are the different composite decking options you can consider for your house?

There are different composite decking suppliers available in the market. Each of them is different in terms of providing the types of deck, its design, shape, structure and others. But, there are various types of decks for composite decking in Melbourne that you can keep as your option while building your house. 

Tuff Deck is one of the reputed and reliable composite decking providers in Melbourne where you can find almost all types of decking options. So, you get to choose from different varieties and get the best one that you suit your house as well as the members living inside.

Capped Composite decks

The capped composite decking boards are also called second-generation decking boards. They are prepared with a co-extrusion layer that protects the decking board from harsh weather. The material only loses around 5-10% of its colour during its lifespan. Therefore, south-facing houses can benefit the most from capped composite decking boards because they absorb most of the sunlight.

Additionally, the capped composite decks are more stronger and durable compared to its older counterpart. There is also an applied PE layer which is covered over the board. Moreover, nowadays, you can also obtain dual designs through the capped composite decking boards. It means one surface of the board is different from the other one. One advantage of this is that after some years, you can completely reverse the board to obtain a new design and colour. 

The capped composite decking boards’ circular hollow structure is stronger and more durable than the squared hollow structure. Thus, they can withstand more footfalls compared to others.

Uncapped Composite Decking Boards

The uncapped boards are referred to as the first generation boards. Rather than a PE layer, they were produced with a wood fibre protection. Thus, they are more authentic in terms of the layering and the feel. While the uncapped composite boards are moe durable and sturdy, they are more vulnerable to moulds, fading, mildew and staining. Thus, they will have to be maintained regularly.

And the uncapped decking boards will fade more than the capped ones. The wood fibre surface layering is incapable of resisting UV rays and is not hard-wearing compared to the second-generation boards. Thus, residential homes with an average number of footfalls can choose this option. Depending on the suppliers, they will also receive an extended warranty. Tuff Deck, the best decking supplier in Melbourne offers a good term of warranty for the products purchased. 

Hollow Composite Decking Boards

Unlike lightweight decking boards, hollow composite decking boards are made with fewer materials. And for this, they also cost less and are significantly more straightforward to work with. As the name suggests, these decking boards have hollow portions within them. The installers can also install these decking boards quickly. Compared to solid decking boards, hollow decking boards are much more common in the market. There is also a circular hollow design of the decking boards. They are also very prevalent in the market. 

Solid Composite Decking Boards

Another composite decking board design is the solid one. This decking board structure has many benefits, including durability, impact resistance, excellent life span, and more. With an extended life span, these boards can last up to 30 years without any defects or damage. The amount of material used and the added mass help create landscaping designs that can withstand a large amount of pressure and weight. They are an excellent decking option for busy commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants.


Understanding the different options for composite decking is crucial in the ever-expanding deck market. The uncapped hollow boards are the best-selling boards in the market. They are available at our place. We, being one of the finest composite decking suppliers in Melbourne, have almost all types of decks in our inventory. We hold products for our customers and assist them with the specifications. The rest depends on the customers choosing the board type they would like to get for the decoration of their outdoor space. Get decking ideas by visiting our website.

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