Why should you choose composite decking over wooden decking?

Decking is the installation of a surface, either indoors or outdoors. It gives you a flat and rigid surface that also serves the purpose of ornamenting your place. However, it may have several other purposes. Now, you can find different types of composite decking in Melbourne. The two most prevalent types are wooden decking and composite decking.

It is always recommended to opt for composite decking over wood decking. But why is it so? Well, there are numerous substantial reasons for it. Let us understand why choosing composite decking over wooden decking is beneficial and more effective.

What is the difference between wooden and composite decking?

Before knowing the benefits of composite decking over wood decking, it is important that you know the fundamental difference between the two. When you choose eco-decking in Melbourne, the material used is plastic and wooden fibres blended together with specific bonding agents. Whereas, for wooden decking, the material used is wood. So, this becomes the root of the benefits of composite decking over wooden decking.

Why is composite decking more beneficial than wooden decking?

The following are the reasons for the areas where you must opt for composite decking suppliers in Melbourne instead of suppliers for wooden suppliers.

  • Damage and safety

We all are well aware that wooden materials are prone to insects, and the damage caused by insects to wooden materials is disastrous. But, for composite decking, the material used is a mixture of wood fibres, plastic and bonding agents. Thus, there is no scope for the insects to get drawn to it. And therefore, the damage caused by insects stands no chance at all.

Additionally, for wooden decks, the use of nails is generally inevitable. Therefore, splinters and nails are present on wooden decks. And cuts or accidents caused due to these splinters and nails are quite common for wooden decks. However, you will not find any splinters or use of nails on composite decks. Therefore, compost decks are the safest option, especially when you have kids.

  • Durability

Wooden decks have less durability than compost decks. It is because of the constituents of the material of the two decks. Wooden decks are solely made of wood. Thus, they rot easily and are prone to insect damage, weather calamities and the like. But on the other hand, the compost decks are made of a combination of different materials. Each component contributes the best way to make the deck stronger. Also, there are no chances for composite decks to rot, have insect damage and be susceptible to weather conditions. Thus, they are more durable than wooden decks.

  • Appearance

The only look of wooden decks is the wooden look and the texture. To a maximum extent, you can paint the deck. But, the paint on wooden decks does not take much time to fade. However, you can ask your suppliers for grey composite decking. We mean to say that you have various options when you opt for composite decking. Different colours that suit the site of installation can opt for composite decking. You can even opt for White composite Decking if you want your interiors or exteriors to look unique and elegant.

  • Price

You are always running on better price planning when you opt for decking suppliers in Melbourne instead of wooden decking suppliers. Well, the cost of installing both types of decks depends on the suppliers you choose. But, different factors determine better price planning. Wooden decks require more maintenance requirements. Thus, the excesses here are more. Also, the durability is low for wooden decks. Thus, the prices of replacing the wooden decks also are high and frequent. Lastly, the expense of repainting also adds on because the painting on wooden decks fades easily.

In comparison, composite decks require low maintenance, thus, low costs. The paint on it does not fade. Also, it is highly durable, which makes the need for replacement or repair negligible.

Final Words

So, it is evident that composite decking is more beneficial than wooden decking. And because it is a better option, you must also go for the best suppliers for the service. We assure you that the best composite decking in Melbourne is yet the most infallible quality of work. We can guarantee you the best quality and the most affordable services for composite decking.