What benefits does a property with decking have over other properties without decks?

The secure and affordable alternative to wood is composite decking. Because it is an artificial product made from recycled thermoplastics and wood fibres, it is weatherproof while retaining the beauty of wood. Aluminum is the most prevalent metal used today for decking frames since it is fire-resistant, durable, and straightforward. Aluminum easily outlasts the lifespan of your decking planks because it won’t warp, sag, or decay. 

Composite decking, like Trex, is made of a combination of wood fibres and plastic film. Polypropylene or polyethene are two options for the plastic film used in composite decking. These plastics combine with wood fibres to provide a robust, elastic composite that is more stable than decking made entirely of plastic. The maximum distance between each joist should be 300 mm. Install the first section of composite decking on the joists so it runs perpendicular to them. End clips help fix the first piece of composite decking. Trust our company’s composite decking in Melbourne services. We will install your decks responsibly. 

Types of Composite decking

  • Solid composite decking

Solid composite decks construct permanent floors for residential places and lodging facilities. Strong and long-lasting composite deck boards are reliable and employed for house walkways, swimming pool decking, etc.

  • Composite Decking with Holes

Lightweight decking materials like hollow or blank composite deck boards are used for siding, cladding, and other applications. They are less impact-resistant and need fascia boards or tops for the edges.

  • Composite Decking With Caps

A cap and a core make up a composite deck a cap. The cap is synthetic to resist stain, scratch, and discoloration, while the body consists of organic wood filler and recycled plastic.

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Reasons behind people choosing composite decking

  • Design – Just like timber decking, composite decking allows you to create a deck that meets all your requirements. Several colours and shapes are available for composite decking materials, making them perfect for the design you can imagine. We are the best decking suppliers in Melbourne, and get your decks installed by us. 
  • Aesthetics – Composite decking boards are manufactured with an authentic wood grain pattern to make a place look authentic. They provide the natural beauty of wooden decking in a more tangible and practical aesthetic form.
  • Performance – Traditional timber decks can quickly deteriorate if you neglect regular upkeep accounting for the harsh British winters, scorching summers, and wet springs.
  • Safety – When you do it properly, composite decking is often far safer than a timber deck and lowers the risk of accidents, especially with older people, children, and animals.
  • Ecologically sound- For the sake of the health of our ecosystem, keeping plastic out of landfills and out of the world’s oceans and seas must take precedence. However, you do need to dispose of the plastic. Our Eco decking Melbourne supplies will add value to your home. Contact us now to install your decks. 


It is possible to paint composite decking, though latex paint is recommended for durability and less fading. Those who do not wish to spend money on painters can go for grey composite decking or white composite deckingTrust our services for decking your patio. The better, the higher the quality. A composite deck’s lifetime is unaffected by painting, but it does hide stains or a patchwork appearance brought on by sun bleaching in exposed places. It is equal to installing a new deck. 

Building a concrete patio is more affordable in terms of both the upfront cost of installing a concrete patio and the ongoing maintenance costs. It is common knowledge that composite decking is more expensive than its wood or timber counterpart due to the higher production and processing costs. But because they need less maintenance and last longer, you can recover this investment through ownership. With composite decking, homeowners may spend less time maintaining their decks and more time enjoying them. Although this decking material needs little maintenance, cleaning occasionally is necessary. Check out our company’s website for the composite decking Melbourne price. We will deck your property with care. 

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