Design a stunning garden with composite decking.

If you own a garden, the summer (or a cold, dry day for the brave!) allows you to enhance your indoor living space outside. It may require some investment to relish and get more out of your time there correctly.
A neat lawn is now even more accessible thanks to the development of the lawnmower. It is possible to design the ideal outdoor space using various materials, including concrete, moulded concrete, patio rocks, crazy concrete pavers, block paving, decking, or composite decking. Just imagine how grey composite decking and white composite decking will look when built over your lawn; it will look stunning.

The advantages of composite decking

Depending on your needs, each has benefits, such as longevity or ease of installation. However, there are various reasons why composite underlayment boards are the best option. Here are the top five benefits of composite decking, in our opinion.

● Composite flooring is exceptionally durable and does come with extensive warranties, which for residential installations are frequently as long as 15 years. Additionally, composite decking lasts 20 to 30 years. You won’t have to spend money on the time-consuming and expensive annual cleaning, sanding, staining, and waxing needed to maintain timber decks. The installation of composite decking will not hurt your pocket either. The starting price of composite decking in Melbourne range from AUD 100 to AUD 150 Per square meter Depending on Design and Requirement.

● Similar to this, the question with concrete installations is when, not if, the fissures will begin to show. Concrete is particularly vulnerable to settling and changes in the weather. You can easily substitute any damaged composite boards with new ones that are the same colour if damage does occur. You can buy composite decking in Melbourne from us, and we have a wide variety of products in stock.

● There is no environmental harm from composite decking. Consumers are increasingly considering the environment, from vehicle emissions to recyclables. Recycled wood, recycled plastic, and various additives are combined to create composite decking (colours and bonding agents). You can buy eco-decking Melbourne from us. Every deck made thanks to this process keeps some plastic out of landfills and has no discernible effect on deforestation.

● Compared to timber boards, composite panels are much more moisture-resistant. Therefore, it is not necessary to pressure wash the entire garden every time you plan to host guests there, and it only requires a quick wipe-down with a broom and some water to pass your guests’ stringent inspections.

● Boards for composite decks are secure. Installation of composite decking is usually safer than hardwood and lowers the possibility of accidents. This is particularly true when it comes to kids and pets. Composite boards have a smooth and seamless finish because there are no exposed fixtures. No chance exists for exposed loose screws to protrude above the board, posing a risk to all sizes of hands, feet, and paws.

● The wood fibres become wet and swell due to water absorption when it rains. Then, as the moisture dries up, they shrink. In particular, wood is more affected by environmental factors around screw holes. Composite boards contain a mixture of substances and are not entirely made of wood. You can buy all the decking suppliers Melbourne from us and build your dream garden.

● Even with routine sanding, sealing, and top coating with a UV-blocking substance, this is inevitable with timber. A dog that is a “chaser” and bolts when it sees a cat, squirrel, or random shadow could easily fall over if the board is damp. The anti-slip qualities of composite boards give your dog a fair chase. This is good news for your dog!
Irrespective of the size, a garden has a distinct personality, and our composite decking can either take centre stage or blend in with the surroundings. The best choice for your new garden is us, composite decking suppliers in Melbourne, because of our authenticity, quality, and performance.


Garden laminate flooring is fantastic because of how versatile it is. Do you want to provide your elderly relative with a secure grip and slip-resistant platform? You might want hot tub decking to ensure the children’s safety as they climb into or out of the bubbles. Create a backyard room with a composite decking surround and a pergola if working at home is one new reality to create a truly inspiring workspace to keep those imaginations going.