Points to consider while choosing a service provider of composite decking

If you are thinking about rebuilding your deck, you have to consider all the materials and options that can make your deck the best. If you take the advice of decking service providers like us, we would always recommend that you go with composite decking as your option. Before embarking on composite decking in Melbourne, you should consider a few points that can mesmerize your decking.

Considerations before composite decking

Exposure of the deck to the sun: If the deck you use has greater exposure to the sun, it will get heated very quickly compared to wood, and hence it will be very hot for bare feet. If you have pets and small children at your home, you should be very careful about the same.

Hence, you can use rugs and umbrellas to cover up the deck area so that you can easily overcome this challenge. Also, exposure to the sun can fade away the deck’s color, which cannot be restored quickly. Hence, protection from the sun’s rays is essential. We are one of the decking suppliers in Melbourne that provide such quality materials that are ultimately complementary to the services of decking. 

Thinking about the structure: If we talk about plastic and sawdust, you must know that these are not structural. As for all decks, the structural components of these elements are the joists, posts, and beams, which are typically dimensional lumber treated under pressure. 

In composite decks, the boards lack structural grains, which provide wood with a certain amount of rigidity. This causes the decks to be springy and unsettling to stand or walk on. Hence, you should choose decks where joists are spaced closely; thus, such decks can be a little pricey. To get an idea of composite decking Melbourne’s price, you can contact us any time. 

Width and length of the board: You should always keep in mind that a deck’s strength can be determined primarily with the help of its density and thickness, while the width of the same has minimal impact. You should consider that the wider the board, the fewer times it needs to be cut, which can lower the cost of installing the deck. 

We always try to maintain a standard length of the deck, which in Australia is around 5.5 meters. This length fits very easily within a container and thereby reduces the costs of the article. The reason behind maintaining the standard length is that longer lengths are a bit difficult to handle.

Finish of the deck: Earlier, the reason behind choosing a composite deck was to obtain a realistic timber look of the deck. However, in response to the changing needs of the market, decking suppliers need to provide composite decks of different textures and colors. 

Our company provides you with grey composite deck and white composite deck materials, which are also elegant and sophisticated in appearance. Our company washes the composite boards of the third generation with metal brushes to wear down the plastic while creating a richly textured and natural-looking surface.

Considering the aesthetics: We are a supplier of eco-decking in Melbourne who continuously evaluates and grades the quality of raw material for decking before selling it to our customers. We provide decking that would look aesthetic and magnificent compared to its wooden counterpart. You should always look out for options that have stylish finishes while trying to maintain a natural look.


It is the need for maintaining sustainability in every aspect of life that composite decking has become a popularly-grown choice for customers who have a fascination for decking. Being one of the renowned composite decking suppliers in Melbourne, we wish to connect with the hearts of our clients through the excellent installation of composite decks that make your house look gorgeous. 

Therefore, if you are finding the most comprehensive and uniquely designed materials for composite decking on your house in Australia, you must contact us. You will get the best-quality, high-grade products that will last a long time. 

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