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Is composite decking unsuitable for the summer months? A guide to cool summer deck ideas

In the past decade, the decks made for composite decking couldn’t adapt themselves to the temperature conditions. They could be hot during the summer months and were difficult to walk on. However, the recent advancements to the material used for composite decking in Melbourne have made them less resistant to heat. People find it easier to walk on them, even during the summer months.

While you might not have any problem walking over the composite decks if you walk with shoes or socks on your feet. However, if you try walking barefoot over them, they can be uncomfortable for you. So, you should understand certain things regarding heating your house’s composite decks.

Having a Brief Idea about heat transfers

The heat transfer between the composite deck and your foot works faster compared to wood. During the summer months, when you step into your composite decking, you might feel hotter than when you step over something made of wood. But, when you stand over the deck at a particular surface for a significant amount of time, your feet will start absorbing the heat, and the place will become cool. However, in contrast, wood decks retain heat for a longer span.

Should you allow your pets to use composite decking?

When you have your furry friend in your house, it is not just about yourself; you should consider it. You must also think about your pets, who are there. Very heated surfaces can also be harmful to your pets, and sometimes they can cause burns, damage to their feet, and scarring.

So, make sure the temperature is normal before letting your dog or any other pet walk across the deck. You can accomplish this by covering the surface with the back of your hand for about ten seconds. If you see that the surface is too hot for your hands, then it must also be too hot for your pets. Thus, you can simply place a blanket or prepare a bed over the deck to let your pet have a safe place where they can relax and enjoy their time.

Tuff Deck is the best composite decking supplier in Melbourne that can provide you with the best quality decks that will adhere to harsh temperature conditions and soothe your feet. Moreover, they are also suitable for your pets and can easily comfort them at any time.

What should you do to keep your composite decks cool?

There are several ways to keep your composite decks cool during the summer. Here are a few tips that can help you keep them cool.

  • Selecting a lighter shade: While you purchase the decks, try to choose a lighter shade. It can be grey or brown. This is because, unlike the darker shades, the lighter colors don’t retain much heat.
  • Installing a Pergola: Adding a vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or aluminum pergola to your decks can add shade or shelter to them. Also, you can add climbing vines or a shade cloth to keep the space cool during the summer.
  • Using Awnings and Umbrellas: Using retractable umbrellas and awnings can reduce the heat while sitting on the composite decks in the scorching summer heat. You can also move them accordingly and keep your deck comfortable.
  • Placing the decks strategically: If you are yet to build your deck or if you are re-modifying them, then consider putting them in a space where the deck can receive mid-day shade. It can be from the trees or the buildings. This will keep your decks slightly cooler in the summertime.


Composite decking, like the patios or the wood decking, can become significantly hot during the summer. While the light-colored pavers or the patios can remain slightly cooler, the main factor that determines the heat-retaining ability of your composite deck is the color you choose. Apart from all other advantages of composite decking over others that you are getting at a smaller price, a slight difference remains in the heat retaining capacity.

Tuff Deck is a renowned and reputed composite decking supplier in Melbourne that provides the best quality decks for your outdoor spaces at affordable prices. Our decks can fulfill your requirements and somewhat protect you from the scorching summer heat. You can reach out to us and tell us about your decking requirements so we can get your decks.

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