Add a new space to your home with composite decking for excellent outdoors

Natural hardwood and synthetic materials are combined to create composite decking, which outperforms traditional wood in terms of quality and longevity. With all of its rich colors and textures, natural wood has visual appeal, but it doesn’t need ongoing maintenance. This means you can take advantage of wood decking’s timeless appearance without dealing with regular maintenance. 

Its moisture-resistance and slip-resistant surface make it perfect for swimming pool decks, providing long-term durability and safety. Because it is water-resistant, it provides a rustic appeal to garden walks while preventing rot and mold. Composite decking doesn’t leach toxins into the soil, plants can safely grow in it, it’s a great material for planter boxes. Tuff Deck will ensure your composite decking in Melbourne looks good. Call us for a consultation for your outdoors.

Include social areas and communal seating with composite decking

One detail you can use to provide your decking character and style is a cozy place, especially if you lack the square footage or cannot include a dining set in your new composite decking location.

If you wish to match your decking, decide on the color, practicality, size, and placement. To complement the grey composite decking and use the available space, like a sizable corner seating area in black with white cushions.

An enormous pergola gives the deck a sense of construction and gives the impression that it is its own outdoor space. In an otherwise neutral scheme, soft furniture and the natural-looking wood deck provide splashes of color. Brightly colored cushions are simple to add or remove, giving the room a rapid design update.

What should you consider before building composite decking? 

  • Consider Your Sun Exposure

The boards on your deck will heat up more quickly than wood and become uncomfortable to walk on if it receives a lot of sunlight. Umbrellas and outdoor area rugs can ease some of this discomfort. The plastic in the boards will likewise inflate and droop in response to solar heat, while it will shrink in response to cold temperatures. The boards press up against one another as they expand due to this back and forth, generating enormous gaps or tripping hazards as they separate.

  • Consider the Framework

Regarding drooping, sawdust, and plastic are not structural materials. The joists, beams, and posts—usually pressure-treated dimensional lumber—are the structural elements of a deck. Because composite deck boards don’t have the structural grain that gives wood its strength, they become bouncy, which can be uncomfortable to walk or stand on. Because of this, the spacing between joists must be closer together, which could raise the final cost.

  • Consider Your Climate

The wood part is not impervious to rot. Some composite decks becoming discolored and damaged due to mold infiltrating the wood part of the decking. Bleach and pressure washing don’t get rid of the stain. Rather, entire boards will need replacement, and it can be challenging to match their colors to those of the other boards.

  •  Contemplate Your Style

Although artificial wood has benefits, it looks very tacky. I’m sure you can instantly think of a deck or other structure constructed of composite wood that was a bit less elegant than its wood equivalent. There should be more possibilities for fashionable finishes for alternative wood products that don’t aim to mimic a natural look. 

  • Right Decking Supplier

When selecting a deck, ensure both the longevity and aesthetics of your outdoor space. You can choose the ideal decking supplier in Melbourne to create a durable and visually appealing outdoor retreat.

If you’re looking for composite decking, you probably want to check out:

· A clear, vibrant style.

· Cooler-looking decking in direct sunlight.

· A color that complements all colors.

· Decking that goes with your house’s white trim.

The benefits of composite decking

  • Keep things light and bright, which mirrors the newest interior flooring trend and helps your space look expansive.
  • With its warm, delicate tones of natural wood, tannins, and gray undertones, it creates a welcoming look and feel.
  • Its light shade provides a neutral canvas to build your design.


Composite decking is becoming the go-to choice for homeowners because it combines sustainability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Expanding your outdoor living space with composite decking is a great way to create a space for entertaining, dining, relaxing, and much more. It is a better option than wood decking because of its low care, weather resistance, and environmental friendliness. At Tuff Deck, you can find the best quality composite decking.

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