composite decking

Selecting the perfect deck for your home can be the best decision you make

Composite decking, consisting of plastic, does not absorb moisture or dry out like wood, thus less sanding and staining are necessary. While composite decks merely need to be washed with soap and water, wood decks need to be stained and sealed every year to keep them protected from the elements. Composites are a safer alternative for your family because they do not warp or splinter than wood. There’s a good reason why composite decking’s top feature of durability.

Their overall strength and long-lasting durability are a result of the hundreds of high-quality materials that went into their creation. Composite decks are strong enough to endure high traffic, the weight of household pets and furniture, and other factors compared to other decking materials. Composite decking is the best option for minimal maintenance and hassle. Additionally, it is waterproof, which is a good feature if you want to install it over a pool or in a space that experiences frequent rain. Get good quality composite decking in Melbourne, only from Tuff Deck.

Selecting a Deck

A crucial choice is which kind of decking will work best with your design. Some people choose materials with less maintenance and colors and patterns. Making the best choice for you and your way of life requires doing your homework on decking materials. Hidden fasteners will eliminate the need for floor screws or nails. For composite decking, reverse trim head composite screws are preferable over nails because of their holding power and ability to prevent screw holes. Staining is necessary to prevent warping and cracking of wood on decks.

There are many different stain colors available, ranging from natural to dark reds, browns, and greys. Color is a paramount part in design. Any deck can benefit from the creative addition of contrast to the border. Large decks with spaces of repetitive floor treatment look uninteresting. Decking laid out diagonally or in a herringbone pattern can draw attention to an area or view. Some designers go to develop a floor inlay to give their deck some personality. If you’re looking for composite decking suppliers in Australia, call Tuff Deck. Our boards are the best.

How to choose the perfect deck?

·        A plan for a perfect deck

Start by broad concepts for how the deck can improve your life. What will you do with the deck? If you’re not a party animal, for example, you want to emphasize private dining and gathering spaces. If you enjoy grilling, think of installing an outdoor kitchen. Find out what they want from your future deck by asking your family. Think about design features like a place for casual conversation, container gardening, a hot tub, or even just a clear path for trash pickup.

·         Plan for Traffic and Use Areas

Once you’ve established your priorities, design a deck that provides ample room for everything you prefer, and convenient access routes to and from them. These spaces are only noticeable once the furniture is in place. Consider your deck to have distinct “rooms” for dining, relaxing, cooking, and socializing. A dining table should have enough space for chairs, and adjacent to lounge furniture and potted plants, there should be space for a small end table or coffee table.

·        The Appropriate Kitchen and Dining Spaces

Plan a sophisticated outdoor kitchen with a counter and cooking gadgets if you enjoy entertaining guests while you grill. So that guests may munch, sample, and provide suggestions while you cook, you want to incorporate an eating station with stools directly opposite the cooking area. You wish to create a little alcove off to the side with just enough room for a grill if you want to keep food preparation simple. You could decide to cook inside. There is no need for you to own a grill. For decking suppliers in Melbourne, contact Tuff Deck.


A good substitute for all-wood decking is composite decking. These boards are suitable for bare feet and consist of tiny wood fibers enclosed in plastic, which is paramount when there are kids present. They won’t splinter. High-definition wood grain patterns in composite decking give it a more natural feel and appearance. For that unique outdoor style you’ve been searching for, there are decking color options available and a large assortment of deck accessories, including railings, gates, pergolas, and more. Tuff Deck is among the best composite decking suppliers in Melbourne. Call us now!

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