composite decking in Melbourne

Learn the reasons why composite decking is better and more resilient than wood

The best way to add outside living space is by building a deck. Deck ideas come in rectangular deck remodel to a raised deck with steps or a multi-level platform deck with areas, depending on the home’s style and budget. Deck design ideas create opulent outdoor spaces that draw inspiration from the surrounding garden architecture. There is plenty of excitement when developing an outdoor area for the project and the product alternatives available. 

The decking will be low maintenance and simple to build due to the composite materials to help make the space come to life. It’s crucial and important to keep in mind that you don’t have to select just one colour for an outdoor living project. Composite decking has many colours and seamless mixes. Composite decking with two colours makes choosing a colour quick and gives you more design options. A different-coloured border, picture framing, inlays, etc., helps you to create eye-catching patterns. For composite decking in Melbourne, contact us. Our decks are the best in Australia. 

Is composite decking worth investing in? 

Which decking to employ is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make for an outdoor living space, whether you’re a pro, a do-it-yourselfer, or a homeowner. The deck will be the part that experiences the most wear and tear, even though decks employ treated lumber for the framing. Composite decking outlasts traditional pressure-treated wood decking in terms of durability. 

As a rule, wood decking lasts between 10 and 20 years; however, you must adhere to a care routine. Composite decking often lasts 25 years or longer with only a tiny fraction of the regular maintenance of wood. In terms of maintenance, traditional wood decking needs care that, if neglected, harms the longevity of the boards. Wood decking needs sealing to help prevent deterioration. Pressure wash the deck with composite decking once a year. Composite decking will save your time and money and is more durable. We are Australia’s leading composite decking supplier. Trust our decks for a long-lasting outdoor. 

Is composite decking better than wood? 

  • Durability of Decking and Moisture

Water can influence how the deck ages. One of the causes is that they expand when wood deck planks absorb enough moisture. As the expansion begins, fractures occur between the wooden deck boards, harming the deck’s framework. Wood decking can even twist and decay without routine treatment.

  • Splintering’s Effect on Deck Durability

It’s only a matter of time before standard wood decking begins to splinter. Moisture will enter through a splinter or crack. Splinters can accumulate till boards tear and need replacement. So, you cannot walk barefoot across a deck. Splinters do not form since composite decking encases wood fibres in a polymer. You can rely on composite decking for its resilience and splinter resistance. 

  • Wood is at risk of termite damage

The threat of termites is a worry for the longevity of wood decking. Regular painting and sealing can inhibit termites inside the decking, but the damage they cause over time is permanent. Composite decking resists termites, and Termites nearly always prefer natural wood to composite decks. Composite decking lacks cellulose, a favoured diet for termites in traditional timber. We are Australia’s go-to decking suppliers Melbourne. Trust our decks to raise property value. 


Having a lawn and a house that doesn’t quite match looks terrible. However, there is a simple fix: composite decking can help you level out the situation and produce a more uniform appearance. It is simple to install and adds a contemporary touch to already-existing paving. Decking is an alternative for summertime outside eating in addition to its aesthetic benefits. Add interest and texture to a deck design by combining different board widths and colours. 
Older deck designs could only use a single board width, but today’s decking materials come in many widths, making it easy to construct better decks. Single-Width decking designs keep the board width constant throughout the whole construction. You can use inlays to create focal points and distinct locations for seating or dining, or you can cover the entire deck surface in a single pattern. Remember that more intricate deck board patterns need joists, which drives up the price of your deck project. Our company is of Melbourne’s best composite decking suppliers, and our decking services surpass all other companies

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